November 25, 2009

wrapped in a monster's arms

Emotion: heart is jumping like a monkey.
Face expression: smiling ear-to-ear.
Position: lying on the bed, left-feet across the other.

It was raining. It was cold. I wish I am in the monster’s arms. But I have yet, a few miles awaited for me ahead.

There he goes. The monster is in black today.

He welcomed me with a big bear hug. I feel safe and I feel pampered. Yes, I needed the comfort.

The rain hasn’t stopped yet. Both of us are sleepyheads. We canceled our plan but we went for a ride instead.

It was all about reminiscing about his childhood memories, former schools and previous houses. What he used to do when he was a kid. What had happened when he was young. How sucky it was to wait for the bus after the school time.

We messed and dirty my car’s seats with the sweet potatoes that fell down when I fed him. The same goes for the sushi, crispy mushroom, and alien doughnuts. Milo is delicious and juicy so we tried hard not to spill out any drops of it.

The ride was fun, I couldn’t agree more. The monster and I felt so comfortable that we suddenly were praising the pleasure of sleeping. We headed home in the middle of the rain then.

A bowl of hot mushroom soup. A hug and lot of kisses.
were the next menu.

in the kitchen, i smiled. on the couch, i lay down. in my heart, i jumped.

p/s: thank you monster.

yours forever,