March 18, 2011

just another bad day

Today was not turned out as I expected.

Losing someone we love is a fear to everyone. It is inevitably for one to feel insecure. I completely understand that.

Every thing happens for a reason. And that explains my action. I know it could raise a sudden doubt if you were to find it (and you did). Sacrifice is not something that I would prance about. Who prances about thing that is sincerely done? We won’t call sacrifice is a sincere act then. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t want you to feel bad knowing that I’m willingly troubling myself for you (you may be feeling this way). By all means, I don’t feel that troubles me at all. After all, it is you – the only one I love – that I helped. Knowing your situation, I don’t want to burden you more with my can-be-solved problem. So please, at one moment, please look at this thing from my view.

I could tell you to avoid this from happening. But what I wrote earlier is the reason I hid it from you. I’m sorry.

being reserved,