March 15, 2010

Get Wet

first of all,

i’m so sorry.

i know i promise to update you always about my days spent at Pangkor but i failed to keep my promise.

time spent was too precious that i have second thought of updating everything straight away of i had done there. one thing after another made 3 days being there feel so short.

ironically, nothing much i did there but drenching myself in the wide sea.

again, i felt the soft sand between my toes. i like how it felt, the feeling that i have long yearned for. i carved a smile. i love to see my footsteps along the seashore. i think they’re cute. they are what i called a natural art. but i felt sad the moment the waves washed it away. *sob sob*

i love to look at the view of the sea and of course the island itself. i enjoy sunrise and sunset views very much but sadly to say, i watched none at Pangkor due to overslept and tiredness. =.=’

the boat trip was fun. i love the harshness of the breeze. if i have to express how it felt, i would say that it was seductive. the sea water is clear enough to see those beautiful creatures and corals. i bent my body to see them, but what i saw was my shadow instead. i laughed. Oh, i need to focus! after a few attempts, then i managed to see them and captured a photo of them. as much as i love beaches, i don’t snorkel. i am scared and i don’t know why. but i do swim. (what’s the difference?)

looking for the end of the sea and failed to find one makes me realized that i still have a long way to go. i still have a lot more to experience. but all are beyond the eyes can see. nobody knows what the future holds. even to those who wear eyeliners. (huh¿)

i had seafood for lunch and dinner. i don’t know what the name of the recipe was nor i ever care how it was cooked but i fancied the crab very much. i ate and ate and ate until i realized everyone else had finished eating. well, it reminds me the time i lived in Sabah before whereby seafood is a must as my main course.

Oh yes. i got small cuts. one is under my left toe and another one is on my left elbow. my body is aching and i am tired because of the long journey and packed activities.

Though, remember all the moments there, the tiredness and pain left me…

vacation worshiper,