September 20, 2010

genie oh genie, please grant my wishes!

ahh..lamenye tak blogging.

i want to move into a better shelter in sahalam - the natural sauna city.
i want have a television and an astro installed. oh,a dvd player too.
i want air-conditioner in my bedroom too.
can i just have my jb's house in here?

i wish it rains everyday.
or at least, everyday is a cloudy day.
so, i don't sweat on my way to classes and thus, not to worry how messy i look like when i arrived at the faculty.

i wish make-ups can put themselves on my face by themselves.
so i save my time before i go out.

i wish i have lots of cash in my purse.
so i can go wherever i want and do whatever i like (shopping-till-i-drop to be exact) when i dont have better things to do at home.

i wish i have a personal driver.
so i dont have to bare this back aching caused by driving.
or maybe i have an auto-piloted car. hee~

i wish i could go for full body massage twice a month.
manicure and pedicure too, not forgotten.

i wish i am not a student anymore.

i wish my brain works faster than now.
so i can finish all the assignments with good qualities in a short amount of time.
therefore i have plenty of time to have fun.

i wish i can get all this now..
at this moment...yes.

want it all,