March 5, 2010

damn you!

oh no! oh yes.. *sigh*

my mobile phone is not functioning.
since a few minutes ago.
great! bless me! bless me..

not now baby..pweesh...
i'm not planning to get a new one.
because i am running out of money. $.$
don't you understand me?!

why now..

can't you see how broken i am
without you... T.T

new mobile phone is needed.
please throw me one..

not a technology maniac,

of fara.sara.laila.


define identity.
it covers names, appearance, and... _____. *complete yourself*

most people call me fara.
obviously,that's my name. my actual name.
name as written in my birth certificate, identity card, and license.

as fara,
i have my own style of being myself.
my own dress codes.
my own way of talking; talking to ladies and gentlemen.
my own way of walking.

people change.things revolve.

i remembered of a time.
a time when i got a new name; sara.
this happened last year.
my friends and i went clubbing on one night.a wild night,i should say.
spotted at one corner, sat 3 Londoners.
the conversation began:

him: alone?
me: no.there (pointing my finger to my companions) my friends.
him: where are you from?
me: here.sabah. (avoiding long explanation) you?
him: london.

*awkward silence and out-of-tempo dance*

me: what's your name?
him: grace.
me: *thinking* isn't that name suits better for a girl?
him: you?
me: fara.
him: what?
me: fara.
him: pardon?
me: fara.
me: *nodding* yeah...sara. =.='
..not planning to teach him phonetics in a club..

enough about sara.
let's move on to Laila.

this is funny.
i got this name just recently.last week,to be exact.

Laila is a main character in the movie 'Niyang Rapik' who is actually dead.Feeling annoying for she keeps repeating the same line
"kenapa abang tinggalkan Laila?" in that movie, i did the same to my friends; male friends. it's kinda scary to that. it is as if i was talking sincerely from my heart.. LOL

and the next morning i went to a module.
hating it, i was playful enough on that day.i introduced my name as Laila during the ice breaking session.
and now, the new people i know during the module called me Laila. =.='

i am here.
as fara.sara.laila.

whatever you may call,
i am me.
with the same style of being myself.
the manje one.the perasan one.
the fragile one.the little crazy one.

the attractive one? ;p *hmm*,

natural sauna


mmm..repeating it for several times,
i feel like laughing.

i love sauna.seriously.

sauna benefits us in many ways.
especially for our health.
says asthma, bronchitis, joints pain, and yadda.yadda.yadda.
it helps reducing all the bad bacterias/viruses/elements
and providing us some relief.

i have one at my house.
everytime i use it for 15minutes, i lose 1kg.
yeah...that's the actual reason why i love it. ^_^

sah halam (cuter when i pronounced it this way kan? kan?) is a natural sauna.

but i dislike it.
indeed, i hate it.

i don't like going to the class with wet armpits. *jatuh saham! ;p*
sweats stream all over the body.
from the forehead to the neck down to the cleavage.
from the hips to the between two legs down to the knees.
it makes me really uncomfortable and i feel like taking off my clothes...

all of my friends have been complaining about this hotness they face day and nights.
despite agreeing to the hotness during daytime,i disagreed about the nights for i always feel chill during my sleep.

but last night,
the hotness had proved me wrong.i was sweating like hell.sweating like while you're having sex,you know.i can't take it anymore
and ended up sleeping on the floor...=.='


this weather is killing me.
in Finland, sauna is a place for a woman to give birth. O.O

si tak suke sah halam,