January 17, 2011


tick tock tick tock
time crushes and kills
time takes all you have given

tick tock tick tock
time to begin, time to end
a time to stay, a time to flee

time is precious
time is priceless
and yet
you still waste your time on unnecessary things.

kl heritage hunt 2010

someone like me
who is always having a backache,
complaining it's tiring to walk a long distance,
who always wish for piggy back rides,
someone like me
who can easily get pissed off and make faces
yang banyak kerenah mengade-ngade,

would WON the 3rd place of KL Heritage Hunt - december 18, 2010?

believe it.i did it.i won.yay!

to go to 8 checkpoints
and complete the task at each stop

1st-matic field : lastik a can with marbles from a 10 metres distance
2nd-little india : find a 'steel bird'
3rd-kl sentral : find a pillar that wrapped with the oldest adv on NST newspaper
4th-petaling street : find a lot number for (i forgot the name of the shop)
5th-central market : batik painting
6th-dataran merdeka : find in what year (Masjid Jamek, Cathedral of St. Marry, Textile Museum) was built?
7th-masjid kg.baru : eat 2 bowls (per team) of bubur lambuk
8th-klcc art gallery : find the selected drawings and fill in the details of them

and getting place in the top 3,
is really an achievement.

he smiled and said "i'm proud of you."

proud of myself too,