February 12, 2011

a tale of a pair of shoes

never had i thought accompanying a man shopping could break my ankles.
my back hurts to death.

for a pair of shoes,
i wandered around the vast sunway pyramid for like 5 hours.
inspired by 'forest gump'(haha), i energized
that we went into each and every footwear shop including jusco and parkson.

'i like this one, but...'

'okay tak this one?'

'ala...last one aa?'

'lets go to mid?'

it was a wrong time to go shopping, i would say.
there is no more 'sale' going on...none at all.

but i enjoyed went shopping with him.
great jokes, massive laughters, funny arguments.

p/s: pardon the title.this is definitely NOT a tale.haha

wants to shop somemore,