August 21, 2010

T.E.R.I.M.A K.A.S.I.H juta-juta lemon

morning all...

my back is aching.
my jaw is painful.
my eyes are glued, cannot open.

it was a blast.
oh, thank god!

to nad,sis ayin,funzy,phye,azly,zatie & megat;
what could i ever say
to any one of you
to ever show my thanks
for made it came true.

what words would be most proper
to let you somehow know
how much i truly appreciate
the contribution you've shown?

if novels were ever written
to describe the depth of my thanks
no library in the entire world
could house them quite enough.

BIG thanks guys.
only God knows how i appreciate it.

to megat:
dude,thousands of sorry.i truly am sorry.
for made you wait for such a long time...feel so bad about it.):

walaupun cuak,nervous,kene buat megat tunggu lame!,almost kantoi,reserved table almost kene amek,kene tipu sunat kat sayang,sayang pon da nak tarik muke;

remember all those happiness,
the tiredness left me. *big smile*

yours truly,