October 25, 2010

strawberry rocky for breakfast

a mountain of hell assignments have been submitted.
except for my creative writing portfolio and journals.
sir hadi is very considerate.
though, i haven't started any of it yet.yay...

this semester is really a tough one.
i couldn't imagine how next semester would be like.
would i be dead?

8 subjects man.8 subjects. *shaking my head*
and every lecturer acted as if i, we, the students only need to focus on their's subject..
please do this.submit it by tomorrow.
please do that.submit it by next week.
don't forget to...bla.bla.bla.
i don't want...yadda.yadda.yadda.

urghh..it's driving me nuts.
i know marks wouldn't be worth the efforts.
what are you expecting from us?
we have the right to live as a human.
to enjoy life like any other people do.
to have a good rest and not falling sick towards the end of every month.

writing it here wouldn't change anything.
i know..i know..
but i feel like sharing of what i thought about this whole torturing semester.

well, today i'm kinda free.
i am munching strawberry rocky and thinking of what to do next..ngee~