May 20, 2014


After months of searching and reading reviews on the internet, I've finally decided to buy THAT breastpump. 

and actually I have purchased it!
online! HAHA nampak sangat ketidaksabaran disitu.

I will collect my order during the school holiday. Oh I cant wait!! It was a good deal that I have finally chosen the breastpump. 

I don't read much about breastfeeding though, but I hope my baby will enjoy breastfeeding. (: 



I feel happy. 

Just to roll on the bed.
With him. 

Before I left for work. 

si comel,

May 10, 2014

32 weeks

I am now in my 32 weeks of pregnancy. Whatever I am feeling is becoming overwhelming each day. I feel scared yet I feel excited too. 

Everyday I will wake up to the kick of my baby. And I will wait for more, and more, and more kicks. I talk to him. I sing for him. I pat him. I can't wait to see him. So that, I could kiss him as many times as I want. 

It has been indeed a beautiful journey. 

I am counting days for holidays. So, I can share this experience with my husband. I want to live as a family, like any other normal family, in a happy home. I really want that. 


May 6, 2014

WE are ONE.

Truthfully, being a pregger is changing me as a person. Each day of this amazing journey has shifted the focus of my life and I have started making sacrifices and that is a preparation designed
for me to be a mother.

Everything grows rounder, wider, and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all, patting my belly. I wonder who in the world you will turn out to be. I know we struggle to go through this path. I know what you feel because we are one.

But darling baby,
let us pray hard so that Allah will shower us with miracles and we could live together with daddy, happily, contentedly, gratefully, yes?

lots of love,

May 5, 2014

Time flies, Time crawls.

April was hectic. I didn't see my husband for almost a month and that was a real torture. Time crawls like a snail. Therefore, we decided to take 4 days off when May came. I did applied for a leave but my boss did not approve it, apparently, for no reason.

Husband arrived on Wednesday's night. I shook and kiss his hand and I smelled the smell I miss. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt contented just to see his face, knowing he would be by my side although only for a short time. He treated my parents and I a delicious dinner and after a long time, I had a really mouthful dinner. Even my baby moved excitedly that night.

I had good time when he was around. To wake up and see his face was a true bliss. To sleep in his arms makes me feel secure than ever. We spent time eating, watching tv, went out, shopping, sleeping, bathing, pillow-talking, praying, and did every single thing together. It was all beautiful. We are like magnets. Our baby seemed to enjoy his father companion as well. He moved at 6 in the morning, and knowing that his father was still sleeping and snoring, I think he went back to sleep too.  

How fast time flies. 4 days of break was too short for me. I want to spend longer time with him.
The baby also felt sad. He didn't move much when his father went back to KL. He worried me to death for being a little passive than usual. I touched, pushed, slapped my tummy to feel him moving. He did, but the move was not energetic like usual. as if he was grieving bidding farewell to the father.

dear husband,
I hope you read this. Me and baby are missing you, badly. hope to see you soon.

lots of love,
wifey & baby.

May 1, 2014

shopping baby's clothing

I have bought pretty much all the basic items needed for the baby. I become so excited just looking at the baby's stuffs in the store. Which mom doesn't? Baby's stuffs are too cute too be true. I can spend hours in the baby store, looking, analyzing, picking, and choosing the best items for my baby.

My favourite baby store is of course, Mothercare. They offers a wide range of choices especially in clothing. I bought most of the baby's clothes there. Rompers, sleep suits, socks, mittens, towels, muslins, you name it. Even my husband likes it too. Maybe I am prone to Mothercare because of its design. Apart from looking too cute, the material is the best too!

H&M baby also looks exclusive in my eyes. I got several pairs of long sleeves rompers at a real cheap price. When I went to Sunway Pyramid last April, my sister went crazy shopping clothes for her newborn as well. We didn't even snap a single picture because we were just too busy shopping!

In terms of breastfeeding, I haven't bought anything yet. I have done some research, read reviews on the internet, and ask from the experienced friends. Maybe I'll get them all by this month. In Shaa Allah...

I can't wait to go for more shopping. Dear holiday, please come fast!