November 5, 2010

zoo negara, kemensah, nong & jimmy.

from left, clockwise: boyfriend, boyfriend's friends, boyfriend's friend's girlfriend, girlfriend.

sayang's shoes torn up, again. one after another. so he has to wear his sport shoes.
he looks funny.hee~

i fed the gigantic elephant a sugarcane.
i can see its big and round nosestrils at the end of its trunk.
it's pink.and i screamed as it grabbed the sugarcane.

tiger slept.lions slept.others slept too. =.='
i was so depressed.

i enjoyed the show by BART? BARD? BUTT? (whatever) the sealion.
he's smart and cute.i started to think to have one.if only i was allowed.
i waited for the dolphin but there was none. ):
but i saw the penguins swam.awww, they're so fuckin' cute!

well,the monkeys were really camwhores!
they posed, posed and posed.
i spotted one male monkey.i think he's handsome.he smiled at me, acted as if he knew that i was recording his movements.then, he ran.i think he's shy!

my friends and i continued the journey to kemensah waterfall.
i captured the scenic views.houses at the hill, at the valley, are all beautiful..very very beautiful...sayang said i can have one like that in the future.i smiled.
it is a public holiday, kemensah is full with cars and of course, people.
so, we cancelled our plan to splash ourselves with water.haish..
the car's skirt got scretch somemore.aiyo...

our tummies crocked.
so we went to nong & jimmy restaurant and filled our craving tummies with seafoods.i still remember the taste of the steam siakap.the delicious seafood tomyam.the kangkung belacan...i drooled even before the boyfriends ordered the menu.yummy!

i appreciate all these moments.
it meant to be kept forever.

p/s: can i ask for more trips like this again, sayang?

smiling all the way from morning,