May 5, 2014

Time flies, Time crawls.

April was hectic. I didn't see my husband for almost a month and that was a real torture. Time crawls like a snail. Therefore, we decided to take 4 days off when May came. I did applied for a leave but my boss did not approve it, apparently, for no reason.

Husband arrived on Wednesday's night. I shook and kiss his hand and I smelled the smell I miss. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt contented just to see his face, knowing he would be by my side although only for a short time. He treated my parents and I a delicious dinner and after a long time, I had a really mouthful dinner. Even my baby moved excitedly that night.

I had good time when he was around. To wake up and see his face was a true bliss. To sleep in his arms makes me feel secure than ever. We spent time eating, watching tv, went out, shopping, sleeping, bathing, pillow-talking, praying, and did every single thing together. It was all beautiful. We are like magnets. Our baby seemed to enjoy his father companion as well. He moved at 6 in the morning, and knowing that his father was still sleeping and snoring, I think he went back to sleep too.  

How fast time flies. 4 days of break was too short for me. I want to spend longer time with him.
The baby also felt sad. He didn't move much when his father went back to KL. He worried me to death for being a little passive than usual. I touched, pushed, slapped my tummy to feel him moving. He did, but the move was not energetic like usual. as if he was grieving bidding farewell to the father.

dear husband,
I hope you read this. Me and baby are missing you, badly. hope to see you soon.

lots of love,
wifey & baby.