October 31, 2010

i'm starting to get confused.

We are the same.
We are equal.
Never forget that you did it. So do I.

What make us different are,

You never listen to explanation
You never appreciate the efforts of consoling
You never liked untangling a mess
You never think of the intention

All you listen is to your heart
All you appreciate is your anger
All you like is ignorance
All you think is what you thought was right


October 25, 2010

strawberry rocky for breakfast

a mountain of hell assignments have been submitted.
except for my creative writing portfolio and journals.
sir hadi is very considerate.
though, i haven't started any of it yet.yay...

this semester is really a tough one.
i couldn't imagine how next semester would be like.
would i be dead?

8 subjects man.8 subjects. *shaking my head*
and every lecturer acted as if i, we, the students only need to focus on their's subject..
please do this.submit it by tomorrow.
please do that.submit it by next week.
don't forget to...bla.bla.bla.
i don't want...yadda.yadda.yadda.

urghh..it's driving me nuts.
i know marks wouldn't be worth the efforts.
what are you expecting from us?
we have the right to live as a human.
to enjoy life like any other people do.
to have a good rest and not falling sick towards the end of every month.

writing it here wouldn't change anything.
i know..i know..
but i feel like sharing of what i thought about this whole torturing semester.

well, today i'm kinda free.
i am munching strawberry rocky and thinking of what to do next..ngee~

October 10, 2010

turning 22.oh! thanks, anyway.

i feel like writing.

i know i should have posted this earlier.
maybe 2 months ago.but time has been so envious.
plus, no words could ever describe exactly about what i am going to write.

it is about a candle-blowing scene.
which i will not forget.never.

thinking about the hardship,
i didn't expect anything on my 22nd birthday.
i lied.i did expect something.long before the date.
maybe about 3-4 months before.

time acted like a refreshing substance.
it was like after a long hangover, i came to conscious state of mind.
i realized,i shouldn't expect anything.
'there's always next time.' i whispered.

a day before the day was like any other day.
same thing.same routine.
i didn't sense anything.until the eve of my day.

i went out before the eve,
did some sport thingy which i always do on weekly basis.
similar to any other sporting night,
i normally go for a drink to freshen up after finished playing.

the fans suddenly stop spinning.
the lights suddenly went off.
i thought the restaurant is closing.
why didn't they inform? i was a little panic.

a dim light coming from my left sight.
a row of candles were heading to where i sat.
i heard people sang a song.a familiar one.

i was speechless.i suddenly felt shy.
that i leaned over a shoulder beside me and covered my face behind it.
there they were.
holding a cake with burning candles, showing their teeths.

oh my god.
i smell bad you know.
oh,c'mon.after 2hours of sheding sweat?

a kiss dropped on my right cheek.
'happy birthday'.
i felt like crying.crying of happy tears.
touched tears.contented tears.name it.

as always,
it was brief.
yet meaningful enough.

under that circumstances,
you should just wait till next year.
don't get me wrong,it was lovely.
but really, you didn't have to do it.

i like the idea of receiving flower.
even though the fact that the surprise was flower-less.

i couldn't express how i appreciate what happened on july 27, 2010.
but all i can say is

fruit heaven


October 5, 2010

mari bersukan

dah lamenye tak maen badminton.
tapi tadi sayang ajak.
macam bermunge-munge sikit hati.
tapi badan pulak rase tak sedap.haish.
bukan ke aritu dah baik ke?
baru je kan?

kalau dah maen,
tak boleh maen sikit-sikit.
mesti kene maen all out.
barulah puas.
barulah namenye bersukan.

tapi nanti lepas maen,
saket pulak sini sane.semane?

esok pulak kelas pagi.
tapi dah lame ni tak maen ni...


pemain badminton estate, ;p