December 10, 2010

when words could not describe,

i wish i could turn back time and stop it at the moment i want
and let it lasts forever that way.

sila ready.

referring to the title,
entry ni aku tulis sebab nak sumpah seranah.
so, sila ready to whom it may concern.

i have to take a bus to go to sahalam from melaka today.for my car is with my sis.
kalau aku ni ade mental sket,aku ingat aku nak sue la company bus tu.

i asked the ticket-girl,
"bus ni non-stop kan?"
that girl pon nodded.dengan muke kerek dye.
while i was about to buy the ticket,all she did was angkat kening (body language tanye nak ape la konon.panta* aa.tanye la proper question,aku ni customer beb..)

then naik bus,
boleh plak stop2 pick up orang kat tepi jalan.sanggup lalu jalan dalam,baru pastu masuk highway.
but* aa.sume orang bole je pegi melaka sentral.kau apahal, macam tuan besar nak suruh bus tunggu depan gate umah kau!

bus pon satu,kalau boleh sume RnR nak singgah.memang macam haram.
driver dye pulak just cant stop terpekik-pekik 'sia*! sia*! sia*!' when he talked on the phone with his friend because he has to drive the old and ugly bus.
bro,lu bawak passengers bro.dari sume lapisan masyarakat.siap ade tourists lagi.(tourist cari dalam buku language agaknye 'sia*' tu ape.hahaha)show some respect la.
listening to him all the way to sahalam really pissed me off.rase macam nak tembak je driver.bodoh!

da sampai sahalam,
aku turun cari cab.
pastu cab cakap kat aku,
'bodo aa adek ni.jalan kaki jelah.' pastu dye blah.mmg pu****k aa.

kau bodohkan aku?
pegi mati la lakhanat.nak aku bakar cab kau ke?
suke hati aku la.uma aku dekat aku nak naik cab.
aku bayar la bangang.memang laju je tangan aku tadi nak fail complaint.
nasib baik iman gwa kuat beb.kalau tak,aku da tendang bal** abang cab tu.

dah la lua panas, hati aku memang tengah menyirap.
pastu aku blah dari tempat cab tu, aku jerit 'BAB*!!!"

si pemarah,

December 3, 2010

follow-up of Take Me Out show

here goes the bad news.

the show doesn't allow muslims to participate.

you won't be able to watch me on tv.too bad.

but it's okay,
cos i look better in person.haha ;p


My Mood on FB

i have nothing better to do.

i just found my mood application on fb is super duper cute and FUNNY.

sampai tergolek-golek gelak tgk image dye.
macam haram.

ok la.
i nak post my mood lagi kat wall fb i. hee~

si chomel,

killing loneliness

1. Beer: hoegaarden / cheep in labuan
2. Food: something i crave when i’m hungry
3. Relationships: battlefield
4. Crush: head turns
5. Power Rangers: morphin white
6. Life: isn't a bed of roses
7. The President: the bombing incident
8. Yummy: cakes, icecreams, chocs, westerns
9. Car: A4
10. Movie: august rush
11. Halloween: costumes
12. Sex: is beyond a physical pleasure per se
13. Religion: free to practice any in malaysia
14. Hate: liars and backstabber bastards
15. Fear: dark and monsters
16. Marriage: commitment & devotion
17. Blondes: are smart but brunettes are smarter
18. Slippers: banana peel
19. Shoes: hush puppies
20. Asians: small sizes
21. Pass time: try not to linger much to it
22. One night stand: lasts for only one night
23. My cell Phone: nokia
24. Smoke: veni vedi vici
25. Fantasy: remains fantasy
26. College: studying at day, clubbing at night
27. High school Life: sleeping & cheerleading
28. Pajamas: banana
29. Stars: shine
30. Center: attention
31. Alcohol: get high
32. The word love: love never tasted so good
33. Friends: forever
34. Money: flows like water
35. Heartache: leaves scars
36. Time: 24/7/365
37. Divorce: to divert
38. Dogs: bark
39. Undies: blush!
40. Parents: bankers
41. Babies: prince & princess
42. Playground: sunway pyramid
43. Song: if a promise ain't enough
44. Color: white and rainbow
45. Weddings: hot & sweaty
46. Pizza: i'm more into spaghetti
47. Hangout: somewhere chill
48. Rest: bed & pillows
49. Goal: left lipsticks mark at the goal pole
50. Inspiration: mirror…haha

si cepat bosan,

December 2, 2010

moaning in delight

hey leyla.
looking at your moaning-in-delight paint job,i dont mind being a lesbo.
i'm fucking seriously into you now.

lotsa love, hugs, and kisses,

December 1, 2010

missing the good old days

I talked for almost an hour with a good friend of mine, someone who I’d like to assume as my brother. We reminisced our good old days and we shared our current stories.

Those days with the burger stall, picnics on the beach, parties when parents weren’t at home… ;p

It was fun. I was only sixteen when I knew them. But everything is still fresh in my mind. How good I was as a matchmaker, how close we were, who cooked the best burger ever, how funny when we sold and delivered burgers to my school, how the love triangle – love pentagon – love love love began, evolved, and ended, how we comforted each other and how everything has changed.

It’s sad to admit that I feel like all of us are drifting apart from one another. As we grow older, each of us is busy making new friends and each of us is bound to other important commitments that we sometimes forgot to take care, cherish and appreciate what we ever have before.

I wish I was sixteen again.

yours truly,