March 26, 2011


since the weather today is so fucking hot,
i do nothing all day long but lazing around on my bed.
and when the sun set,
my tummy began to sing.

urgh.need to grab something.
before i get ready to go out, googled where is nearest pasar malam for today..hee~
sebab dah lapar sangat, nak mamam manyak-manyak-manyak.
ah-ha! there is one pasar malam at section 19.
and so i went there.of course, not alone.
he accompanied me. i think i accompanied him.sebab dia yang tiba-tiba nak cari pasar malam ni.

macam orang yang dah tak makan untuk beberapa hari,
i feel like buying all the foods. *drool*
so i bought keropok yang cwunchy, popia basah, spring potato, etc.etc.etc and today's main course is yong tau foo.

my monster chose to eat yong tau foo.
he chose,chose,and chose (this may sound a lot but actually it's only a little)
and there you go, RM14.20.
and we were like, O.o ?? WTF?

it's nonsense!
only if we knew, we are willing to drive and hit the flamingo steamboat at sunway!

terus turn-off nak beli all the foods which look very tempting earlier.

burp! dah kenyang,


sahalam is still a natural sauna.
nothing changes here.
but my skin colour.i'm getting darker.

today's weather is killing me.
it is so hot since early morning.
up to this moment.
i slept with sweat.and made me feels very energy-less.

i dont feel like doing anything in this state of weather.
but to wash my feet every 5 minutes to keep me chill.
maybe i should plant some trees in my house.
or maybe i should install an air-cond? *dont think i have enough money to buy*
plant trees is more environmental friendly.

oh yes people.
earth hour tonight.
8.30pm.forget not.

i love rains,

March 18, 2011

just another bad day

Today was not turned out as I expected.

Losing someone we love is a fear to everyone. It is inevitably for one to feel insecure. I completely understand that.

Every thing happens for a reason. And that explains my action. I know it could raise a sudden doubt if you were to find it (and you did). Sacrifice is not something that I would prance about. Who prances about thing that is sincerely done? We won’t call sacrifice is a sincere act then. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t want you to feel bad knowing that I’m willingly troubling myself for you (you may be feeling this way). By all means, I don’t feel that troubles me at all. After all, it is you – the only one I love – that I helped. Knowing your situation, I don’t want to burden you more with my can-be-solved problem. So please, at one moment, please look at this thing from my view.

I could tell you to avoid this from happening. But what I wrote earlier is the reason I hid it from you. I’m sorry.

being reserved,

March 17, 2011


Looking at the calendar, this semester is heading to its ending soon. There are so many things to be completed within the time left. And that means I actually have less than two months to savor the life I have here.

I spend less time with him due to the packed classes and burden of assignments. He has started the business and it makes our time clashes most of the time. Unlike how it used to be before when he had plenty of time to attend to my needs, we seldom have quantity and quality time to spend together now. And I hate this fact.

He seems beyond my reach. Knowing there is not much time left, I FEEL ABANDONED. I can understand the situation but IT IS SO HARD TO BEAR WITH IT – like a dagger strikes through my throat and goes into my heart. All these things make me nothing but A CHILD.

Literally, I miss him so bad.

missing my love,

March 3, 2011

a fact - based on true events

it's funny how annoying a person can be.
they are undeniably born stupid. they are still lingering with things that are completely over. education qualification is merely a scroll. nothing more.
these people are very selfish. pretend like they care about others. as if! they are very manipulative in twisting lines, demand people to consider their pathetic conditions, and act like a big winner at the end of the game.
they hunger for attention. parading the god of the devil with angel's mask on their faces. they seek publicity in disgusting manners which is indescribable by words. only they know how to perform actions as such.
they trouble people a lot. create messes and let others pay. some parts are lacking in them which deny the qualities of human beings. they are monsters. they don't have sense of guilt and shame.

i don't mind people do bad things
as long as it doesn't cost others.

bad things mean it's only between you and yourself, or maybe God.
don't chain messes and let others involve.

find better things to do that can benefit you.

the one who doesn't appreciate people as described above,