January 3, 2011


twenty-eleven celebration was absolutely fun!

i experienced sleeping in a tent for the first time after 22 years living in this world.kesian nye i...but first time is always the best.
i couldn't agree more.

snuggled under the blanket inside a tent,
with the sound of waves,
i woke up with a big smile, feeling so energetic. hee~

since young, i am not an adventurous type of person.
but surprisingly, i went for an hour kayak trip.
hebat tak? hebat kan?

i was so close to the ocean.
but i feel so secure.
it's like the ocean is mine..
seronok gile!!

beach volleyball is another thing.
the wind added up the fun of playing it.

while snorkling,
i stepped on a pointed coral and it left a cut under my feet.
it hurts.
but remember all the happiness and excitement,
the hurt, the tiredness, they all left me.

it's a great start of a new year.

p/s: happy twenty-eleven people!
have a glorious and meaningful year ahead.


started to like convenient camping,