November 2, 2010


this is what i liked, always like, and will forever like about us.

when we start our day separately,
we will wear the same colour for our outfits.

i wear green,
you wear green.

you wear white,
i wear white.

i wear red,
you wear red.

you wear black,
i wear black.

i think
we're cute in our own way. (:

love you always,

take me out

I received a phone call from ntv7. They asked me to go for the audition for a new reality programme called ‘take me out’. It is a so called dating show.

I am not in searching for a partner. I already have one.

But many agreed me to go for it.
to make it as a platform to create a name.
to uplift the reputation.

I am not desperate to get acknowledgement from the world. I already have my own world.

Still, I went for the interview (not sure what is my main intention of going there) with few friends as my companion. Unfortunately, I got they involved with it too. Ntv7 insisted them to fill in the form.

A day later,
I received a phone call from ntv7 again. I’m selected to be the contestant. So do my guy friends.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?

I don’t have any idea. Please take me out from here…

screaming OMG,