April 1, 2011

the haunted house

i'm afraid of the dark.
i'm afraid of screams.but i love to scream.
above all, i'm afraid of the ghosts.

to satisfy and not to disappoint my besties,
i joined them to enter the haunted house that was organized on the carnival day.

hearing the howling and screaming from the inside of the house,
i was actually shaking.
but i talked so much with my friends that i ignored the shakes.

and so arrived our turn.
i grabbed pai's and fanzi's hand.i wish i could close my eyes.
i swore all the way to the exit.

i couldn't really remember how the ghosts look like (because it's dark),
but one that i really-really-really could not forget is
the white ghost, wrapped in a white cloth, its nose blocked with cotton.
and the eyes were white.

there was a ghost followed fanzi because fanzi laughed throughout our journey in the haunted house.but what fanzi said to that ghost was,
"jangan lah ikut saya, bang. gi kat tempat abang balik."

it was a very funny experience since i last entered a haunted house which is when i was small.thanks pai and fanzi for making me less scared. :D

with this high imagination that i have,
explains why i refuse to watch horror movies.

si penakut,