February 23, 2010

i'm on drugs today...

미 안합니다 (i'm sorry)

i just can't hold it.
it's too much.

i'm sorry. ):

but you sounded so cold.
you sounded unhappy.

is that true?
if it's true,
is that a sign?

Celoteh Pagi

morning sunshine.
wakie! wakie! everyone..

pagi ini sejuk.saya suke. (:

my nose is blocked.
my back is aching. *sigh*

i feel like expressing.but i don't know how.
for i don't exactly know what the hell i am feeling now.. *sigh*

i should be revising.
but oh i am so fucking lazy. *sigh*

maybe i should start inserting pictures to this blog.
no.i don't feel like doing it now..*sigh*

4 *sigh*?

what the hell is wrong with you, fara?
come on. wake up! wake up!


Kerenah Malam

saya tak sihat.
dia tak ada.
saya tak suke..

sekian,terima kasih.