April 9, 2011


Once upon a time,

Saturday is the day i've always waited.
i've waited for it before.
i'm still waiting for it now.
and i will always wait for it in the future.

Saturday is the day i keep myself free.
i won't do anything related to studies.
or anything that requires me a lot of thinking.
it is the day to lazy around on the bed.

Saturday is the day to keep things organize.
i have to keep myself organize.
and arrange my stuffs so they will be organized.

Saturday is my laundry day.
and it can be a spring cleaning day.
room, kitchen, hall, and even the car.

Saturday is the day to kill my loneliness.
i will go out with my awesome friends as companions.
we will go dinner, lepaking, sharing stories, making jokes and laugh.

Saturday is the day to celebrate life.
embracing it not only with my friends but also my loved one.
'true or dare' is our game most of the time.

Since there are not so many Saturdays left...

Saturday is the day i've always waited.
for he is available only on Saturday.
most Saturdays, i will spend quality time with him.
just the two of us.him and i.
it is the day we express our love.
we snuggle in the cinema,
we feed each other dinners,
and we hold hands in the night rides.
we chill at awesome places and enjoy the music played.
we are rejoiced with smiles, laughter, hugs, and kisses.

i love Saturdays.
Saturdays make my life complete.

my Saturdays are going to be remembered all the time.

Saturday lover,