August 17, 2011

doubts on teaching profession :/

Day after day
Week after week
It has been a month or so since I started my practicum.

I can't even describe how I feel about it.
One minute I'm on the top of the world, another second I can cry a river.

Without doubt, teaching is the noble-st profession above all else.
Without educators, who are doctors? who are architects? who are scientists? and the list could go on.
Having to write the previous sentence, I feel the responsibility. I can feel the burden.

The first time I entered the school, it started as beautiful as Megan Fox.
To my disappointment, it's later on changed into hell.
I was bullied by them almost everyday.
I conducted their extra classes and the money goes into their pockets.

I enjoy sharing stories and exhanging ideas with my students.
Their participation are like my motivation boosters.
I melt when I see they laugh and thinking about all of these I am inspired to teach.
They are a bunch of sweethearts.
but sometimes they can be such a pain in the neck.
They hardly hand in their homework. They show no interest in some lessons.
It pinched me in the heart.

I don't find enough satisfaction in teaching.
I don't know if I could find any.
Even if I did, I know it won't last long.

Teaching needs passion,
To my disgrace, I don't have one.

yours truly,