December 23, 2013

Bandung Escapade

it has been a while since our last escapade. since i've started working, got married, stayed in a distance, we found it hard to get a time doing thing that we like most. travelling. 

but mom has given 2 tickets to bandung for honeymoon trip as our wedding gift but I think it's funny. why? because she and my dad and my auntie's family will be joining as well. honeymoon sangat! 
luckily, we still have our own room. hahah. 

the trip was fun. it was our first international vacation as a husband & wife. at that time, my little bun was only 2 months old. masa ni belum mabuk teruk lagi. still enthusiastically shopping and eagerly sightseeing at all the places Bandung has to offer my pockets and my eyes. 

bought a few laces and cotton cloth with cheap price. husband got himself 9 shirts and 2 pants. banyak gila! dia lagi galak shopping dari perempuan. 

the only thing that turned me off at Bandung is the food. the taste couldn't suit my tastebud. all foods are sweet. even if it's called spicy soup. you'd feel like you're eating sweets literally. every food tastes so wrong for me. but the avocado juice is absolutely great. 

anyway, it was a great experience. to ride an 'angkutan kota', gave some tips to the 'pengamin', enioy night ride on a trishaw with sayang. and the best memory was at The Stone Cafe. 

the ambience, the view, the food, and above all else, the companion I had that night, was mind-blowing & breathtaking. 

si traveller,