June 22, 2011

when boredom strikes...

seeming like i have plenty of time (now),
i feel like writing another entry for today.

Things I found today:

1. It feels awkward to stay at the hostel at the age of 23.
2. Your stress level would hit the maximum stage.
3. You would feel like consuming lots of caffeine.
4. Then you realized caffeine does not reduce your stress level.
5. You swear and curse yourself for that.
6. You tried other option which I shouldn't mention here.
7. And it does not work too.
8. You'd feel like crying after that.
9. But you don't.
10. Because you wanna prove that you are already a grown-up.
11. So, you just hit the bed and pretend everything is fine.
12. When you woke up and looked into the mirror, you feel pathetic for yourself.
13. I think I bore you to death.
14. Because my entries are mostly about life in this so-called prison.
15. I should change the topic.
16. You still can be homesick at the age of 23.
17. Missing your precious ones is a beautiful pain.
18. I lied.
19. It is of course painful.
20. You'd feel like crying again.
21. And you won't.
22. I think I really should change the topic.
23. I think Fanzi has become a better driver today. :P
24. i-10 is actually spacious.
25. But I still couldn't find the button to adjust its bass, fade, and etc.
26. Anyway, JP is a cool place to chill.
27. When customers ask for the bill, they actually want to check the price for each order.
28. By right, waiter & waitress should know how to write a bill.
29. Maybe I should stop here before talking much more crap.

having mixed emotion,

masih tidak aku berpijak pada bumi yang nyata.

hearing about practicum and academic exercise scares the shit out of me.
i'm scared if i couldn't cope up with both tasks.
i'm scared if i couldn't get an A for both.what more to impress my supervisor.

for once, i realized that i am not ready for this.
i feel the responsibility is far more too hard that i could ever imagine.
i don't feel i deserve to carry one.
it just don't suit me best.

and for once,
i realized that i am maybe a little bit too late to turn back.

stranded and lost,

hostel... :/

pagi tadi
air kat hostel ada siket je.

i rasa macam awkward gile kot.. :/

tengah hari
hostel masih takde air.

i still rasa awkward.. :/

petang tadi
air ada banyak.
tapi ramai pulak orang nak mandi.

i rasa awkward jugak sebab kena tunggu turn. :/

tak suke tinggal kat hostel,