March 23, 2014

school holiday was a little dull

today is Monday and it feels like heaven when I don't have to rush when I woke up. 

Despite the heaven-ness feeling, I somewhat feel that this holiday was a little dull. Husband's work demands his attention more than I do. Did I just say more than I do? I need more of his attention, actually. But I can tolerate, his work cannot. I wanna go out more often. I know he is exhausted to cope with his workload and his manja wife at the same time. Men, they are just bad in multitasking. To be frank, I am frustrated. Of all the time, why must during this school holiday that he has to work to death? 

You see, I treasure the time to meet and spend time with him because we are the weekend husband and wife. When things like this happen, I feel terribly down. I want to entertain myself by going out at malls, but my car is not here. Can you feel me? I feel hollow and empty. This is not what I expect it to be. 

I just want to be with him. He is my husband and I just want to have him all by myself. That's all.