December 16, 2012


here i am,
lying on my fluffy bed, writing this entry,

accompanied by a ring with saphire stone. i am loving it!


December 12, 2012


it seems like today is a lucky day for both of us. maybe it was just a luck, but i couldn't stop being grateful to God.

he passed the interview and i've received my first payment that i had been wanting and waiting for 2 torturing months.

it feels great to share the joy that you get from your hardwork with other people, especially your parents. i value this kind of thing. i feel blessed. i feel proud of myself.

it is indeed an amazing day. i shall not forget the date, for it brings precious moments for the significant people i have around me.


December 10, 2012

Of A Saphire Stone & A ring

Deep in my heart, there is a tiny hole. A hole where the tangled nervousness and un-readiness hide. The date keeps flickering in my mind. So does his face, smiles, and laughter. My hands shiver and my legs shake everytime I think of the date.

The day is coming towards me now, fast. The sparkle and blossom feelings are overwhelming but that tiny hole seems to grow bigger as well.

But I know it will be there for temporary, as I believed, on that particularly special day, that sparkles and twinkles of happiness will pave that tiny hole and surround my heart, warmly.

will be yours officially,