February 27, 2011




February 22, 2011

great escapade

In the midst of hectic and pack classes,
I found my way for a little gateway.
The trip became even more meaningful with the companions of him and a few so-called bestfriends.


Having candle light dinner at the beach couldn’t be any more romantic. The waves and the breezes had taken away my tiredness after 3 hours of not so smooth flight.

We wet ourselves with our own sweats late night at night clubs. Frankly, there are a lot lot and lot of clubs there. You can dance along the street if you want to. Some night club open 24 hours and some parties start at 2am - which definitely wowed me! I danced with him and he looked at me – one kind of look. I got embarrassed, buried my face into his chest and he wrapped me tightly and laughed.

We went around the town with the scooter that we rented. Okay, the traffic is really packed. That’s the reason we didn’t rent a car. When I said it is packed, I really mean it. The street is so small. You’ll hear the honking sound for almost every 5 seconds. Can you imagine how annoying is that? But as time passed by, I get used to it. ;p

There were many ‘sales’ tags hung at almost every shop. I was very excited. Bersemangat nak shopping! And there was a massive Roxy & Quicksilver sale which the sale is up to 90%. OMG! I rushed there and got myself a set of bikini that he chose for me opss! and a few other garments and a slipper.

Kuta beach is like beach of people.There were so many people embracing the good view, the waves, and the breezes. Once again I can fill smooth sands between my toes. We filled our tummy with the famous Bakso – Scrumptious! But I don’t eat the balls. Hee~

I got a temporary tattoo at the back of my left shoulder. So does my friends, except him. He got back massage for MYR7.ngee~ There are also many pretty and irresistable bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. He got himself a nice bracelet and bought an anklet for me and together, we picked a necklace which we agreed to take turn wearing it because the design that we like was sold out.As the sun set, we took a stroll at the beach. The guys’ eyes were opened very widely – mencuci mata mereka. :O

The guys went surfing. Like little children who were so eager to surf, after 20 minutes they went surfing, they got carried away by the waves heading to the right of the beach which was far from our spot. Watching them was really fun. Hahaha.

It was a really great escapade. I can see how happy he was and how he enjoyed every time spent together.
It is another unforgettable memories and I’ve started missing the place.

from Bali, with love


February 12, 2011

a tale of a pair of shoes

never had i thought accompanying a man shopping could break my ankles.
my back hurts to death.

for a pair of shoes,
i wandered around the vast sunway pyramid for like 5 hours.
inspired by 'forest gump'(haha), i energized
that we went into each and every footwear shop including jusco and parkson.

'i like this one, but...'

'okay tak this one?'

'ala...last one aa?'

'lets go to mid?'

it was a wrong time to go shopping, i would say.
there is no more 'sale' going on...none at all.

but i enjoyed went shopping with him.
great jokes, massive laughters, funny arguments.

p/s: pardon the title.this is definitely NOT a tale.haha

wants to shop somemore,

February 6, 2011

insomniac ramblings

a beautiful paradise to be stranded in.
a high place to feel in the blank.
vacations needed.noted that.

pocket.pocket.don't ever be a pickpocket.
purple notes, thousands, why aren't you in the pocket?

rain rain come again and again
your smell i like and
your presence i wait
a walk with you, i'd enjoy the most.

a body warm in a bed.
a feet warm under a blanket.
snuggle.snuggle.don't get tangle.

ah.total insomniac ramblings!


February 5, 2011

somebody call 999

the 8th floor was burnt into fire.
thick black smoke covered the top of the building.

people started to point fingers to where i stood.above me,to be exact.
i stood at the window.wondering whats going on.
i didn't smell the smoke or even see the smoke.
did i lose my senses?

okay.i heard the siren wailed loudly.
very loud.i mean it.

mom got panicked.
she packed her stuffs.
we packed our stuffs, too.


and dad said,
everything is fine now.
they put out the fire already.

i exhaled, relieved.

feeling lucky,

February 4, 2011

too soon

by right, by now,

i should be:








so, when it hurts,
it doesn't hurt that much.


each to their own

accept changes.

respect each needs.

celebrate our differences.


each to his own.

yours truly,

have faith in us

i said it.
we said it.

we are scared.

everything's gonna be alright.
we believe so.

have faith,