March 13, 2010

fantasy, eh¿

before i went to sleep last night,
i planned to see the sun-rise view this morning but i was overslept.
mommy & daddy went for a morning walk. i promised them to be ready before they came back.

so, i started imagining myself,
wrapped my body with towel and went into the shower.
jumped into the short-pant and a white t-shirt, and bring pario along.

"‘hey! wake up! wake up!’
people are waiting for breakfast at the cafe, you know…"

*mommy keeps nagging*

and i simply ignored it. lalalala~
*went into the shower*

oh, now i realized.
all that was what i think i would do, but i am not doing it actually. =.=’
haha. funny!

si suke berimaginasi,