March 26, 2011


since the weather today is so fucking hot,
i do nothing all day long but lazing around on my bed.
and when the sun set,
my tummy began to sing.

urgh.need to grab something.
before i get ready to go out, googled where is nearest pasar malam for today..hee~
sebab dah lapar sangat, nak mamam manyak-manyak-manyak.
ah-ha! there is one pasar malam at section 19.
and so i went there.of course, not alone.
he accompanied me. i think i accompanied him.sebab dia yang tiba-tiba nak cari pasar malam ni.

macam orang yang dah tak makan untuk beberapa hari,
i feel like buying all the foods. *drool*
so i bought keropok yang cwunchy, popia basah, spring potato, etc.etc.etc and today's main course is yong tau foo.

my monster chose to eat yong tau foo.
he chose,chose,and chose (this may sound a lot but actually it's only a little)
and there you go, RM14.20.
and we were like, O.o ?? WTF?

it's nonsense!
only if we knew, we are willing to drive and hit the flamingo steamboat at sunway!

terus turn-off nak beli all the foods which look very tempting earlier.

burp! dah kenyang,


sahalam is still a natural sauna.
nothing changes here.
but my skin colour.i'm getting darker.

today's weather is killing me.
it is so hot since early morning.
up to this moment.
i slept with sweat.and made me feels very energy-less.

i dont feel like doing anything in this state of weather.
but to wash my feet every 5 minutes to keep me chill.
maybe i should plant some trees in my house.
or maybe i should install an air-cond? *dont think i have enough money to buy*
plant trees is more environmental friendly.

oh yes people.
earth hour tonight.
8.30pm.forget not.

i love rains,