March 2, 2010

module review : FEB 27th

Laila: Kenapa abang tinggalkan Laila?

Niyang Rapik was not that bad.
Overall, it was ok. I thought it was as scary as any other horror movie that involves ghost and whatsoever. I rather said it was a sad story. In a way, it reminds me of a chapter in my life.

Okay. I had to attend a module the next morning. But there I was, still lepaking at BunD at 3 a.m. Lazing and wasting time can be too good to be ended fast. =.=’

Despite lack of sleep, panda eyes, back aching, tiredness,
I pushed myself not to skip the module.
And so these are some pictures of me during the module.

time: 9.00 a.m
mode: oh fucking sleepy

time: 9.++ a.m
mode: camwhoring

time: during the speech (10.00 a.m, i guess)
mode: placing to sleep...look where i am.

time: afternoon
mode: sakit hati sebab panas sangat!

time: almost 2.00 p.m
mode: nak chrysanthemum tea lagi.
hero: hazwan.thanks for giving me you sayang!

time: 4.00 p.m
mode: @$#%$&^ bila nak habes ni?! >.<

si tak suke pegi module,