July 14, 2013


dear kids,
it was our 3rd anniversary. he wanted to celebrate it before the date changes. everything was planned by him, and i am beyond happy being treated like a princess all day long. 

he rented a suite for me on that day. 
he took a lot of my photos. 
he played with my hair and held my hand tightly. 
he picked the dress for me. 
he was super duper sweet and i fell for him over and over again on that day.

later at night, 
he took me to a fine dining in KL. the ambience was amazingly stunning. i thought i was in france. the food was marvellous. the surprise, it blew up my mind.

we had a date. a candle light dinner date. a bit old fashion but thats what being shown in most of the romantic movies, yes? 

suddenly, a waiter came, presented me a slice of tiramisu cake on a plate. i saw the sparkle of the firework that looked like a candle. and the waiter whispered "please read the message, ma'am." 

and there it was, beautifully written on the plate with chocolate dust, 

"will you marry me?" 

oh. my. God. he proposed! officially! 

he took the diamond ring stuck in the strawberry on top of the cake, and fitted it to my finger. i couldn't stop smiling that my jaw hurted and my cheek bone cramped. 

yes, i shed tears. definitely, happy tears. Alhamdulillah...