February 25, 2010

what's next..

no wonder i have been emotionally disturbed lately.
i crave for foods most of the time.
red pimple appeared on my forehead. *nice spot*
today, i started menstruating.
for this month,of course.

and today,
i compassed uitm main camp (kenanga area) for several times, looking for a goddamn parking space to park my car.but none that i found.

so, i went round and round, and round.
clock keeps ticking.i am 10minutes late by that time.

then i saw,
only staff parking are available.in the need to hurry,i parked there.
few steps heading to the class, i turned my head to the back.
i saw someone is locking the yellow goddamn thing on my wheel...oh no!

...oh yes...

here are some pictures, for you to see. maybe laugh at it. *sigh*

car scratches. check
parking summon. check
speed trap summon. check
no-uni-sticker. check
wheel clampped. check

so,what's next?

pimple oh pimple

pimple oh pimple
please go away

pimple pimple
in my face
beaming red to my disgrace

pimple pimple
people see it
people appall

pimple pimple
please go away...