June 3, 2014

Always The Best for Our Little Bub

As I am writing this, I am lying beside my husband on the bed. He is still sleeping, yes, without sound. Teehee~ 

Alhamdulillah. I think all the basic things needed in welcoming our little bub are all completed. Yesterday, we got a good catch for an infant carseat-cum-carrier. Since husband is in the marketing line, I think its his expertise to haggle and get such a good price. 

We spent quite some time in deciding which infant carseat we want to buy. A few brands were shortlisted after we read reviews on the websites and blogwalkings. Of course the one which stole our heart is BRITAX, the one that The Royal Baby (William's & Kate's) is currently using. But we aren't willing to let our pockets be stolen by it. Hehe

There are a lot of things need to be considered in choosing a carseat especially its material, position, weight, user-friendliness, price and so on and so forth. Why pay for RM300 for a local brand (which is always reported to be having problems - no offense) when you can get the same price for a baby-carseat maker? Yes? 

We were thinking to grab Halford (UK Brand, assembles in Malaysia) because of how flat it is, and it is important for bub. (I don't want bub to sleep in an awkward position; like sitting and being pushed deep into the carseat) But the material is not that good, plus the only colour available at the moment is black. Black for a carseat? Hmm...maybe not. 

Then, we found hauck. Hauck is quite a new brand for baby stuffs, same like Halford. Hauck is from Germany. To our disappointment, all the baby stores we went to were all out of stock. So we couldn't see and view it. Were only able to view it on the internet. 

After putting a lot of thoughts, we finally bought a MaxiCosi. The one which can be brought on an airplane. It is because of the material which is absolutely good, reasonable price, user-friendly, and light weight. It can be attached to a Quinny stroller, but we don't have one since we already bought Pegperego (because we don't like bulky, sporty, futuristic type of stroller; we like slim and slender like us. HAHA) 

I am satisfied with our choice. and quite excited actually for I have been eyeing MaxiCosi since my early pregnancy. 

We are planning to get a Britax or Cosatto after our lilttle bub turns 1. It sounds more practical to spend more on (or worth buying) something that can be used for a long-term. 

Happy mom,