February 4, 2014

first time he saw the baby on the screen.

I went for my monthly checkup yesterday morning. I felt extremely happy because husband was able to accompany me since he was still on his holiday.

This is his first time meeting my friendly doctor. He was so thrilled when he saw the baby on the 4D image on the screen. I can see his face vividly. He was clearly smiling ear-to-ear. The doctor showed him our baby's body parts and he couldn't blink his eyes. I saw the happiness on his face. He listened to our baby's heartbeats. Doctor said my baby is healthy, likes to kick (but I can't feel it because he is still small), very active. I thanked God for that.

But husband had to leave for KL after lunch. In the midst of happiness, I felt sad. He hugged me, rubbed my tummy, and spoke to our baby. I think that's cute.

Now, I'm counting days to meet him again.

i miss you sayang,