December 3, 2010

follow-up of Take Me Out show

here goes the bad news.

the show doesn't allow muslims to participate.

you won't be able to watch me on tv.too bad.

but it's okay,
cos i look better in person.haha ;p


My Mood on FB

i have nothing better to do.

i just found my mood application on fb is super duper cute and FUNNY.

sampai tergolek-golek gelak tgk image dye.
macam haram.

ok la.
i nak post my mood lagi kat wall fb i. hee~

si chomel,

killing loneliness

1. Beer: hoegaarden / cheep in labuan
2. Food: something i crave when i’m hungry
3. Relationships: battlefield
4. Crush: head turns
5. Power Rangers: morphin white
6. Life: isn't a bed of roses
7. The President: the bombing incident
8. Yummy: cakes, icecreams, chocs, westerns
9. Car: A4
10. Movie: august rush
11. Halloween: costumes
12. Sex: is beyond a physical pleasure per se
13. Religion: free to practice any in malaysia
14. Hate: liars and backstabber bastards
15. Fear: dark and monsters
16. Marriage: commitment & devotion
17. Blondes: are smart but brunettes are smarter
18. Slippers: banana peel
19. Shoes: hush puppies
20. Asians: small sizes
21. Pass time: try not to linger much to it
22. One night stand: lasts for only one night
23. My cell Phone: nokia
24. Smoke: veni vedi vici
25. Fantasy: remains fantasy
26. College: studying at day, clubbing at night
27. High school Life: sleeping & cheerleading
28. Pajamas: banana
29. Stars: shine
30. Center: attention
31. Alcohol: get high
32. The word love: love never tasted so good
33. Friends: forever
34. Money: flows like water
35. Heartache: leaves scars
36. Time: 24/7/365
37. Divorce: to divert
38. Dogs: bark
39. Undies: blush!
40. Parents: bankers
41. Babies: prince & princess
42. Playground: sunway pyramid
43. Song: if a promise ain't enough
44. Color: white and rainbow
45. Weddings: hot & sweaty
46. Pizza: i'm more into spaghetti
47. Hangout: somewhere chill
48. Rest: bed & pillows
49. Goal: left lipsticks mark at the goal pole
50. Inspiration: mirror…haha

si cepat bosan,