April 17, 2011

food galore!

yesterday was Saturday.
i mean, another Saturday.
what i'm trying to say is another Saturday left me. T.T

i had sleeping marathon.
damn! it was good.seriously! you should try.

last night, i woke up with an empty tummy. @.@
suddenly i have the urge to eat so many things.
grilled chichken chop, subway, tom yam, steam siakap, steamboat, KFC, checheongfun, satay, all these crossed my mind.
okay, he likes to stuff me with foods.so, don't blame me when suddenly i have a big eating desire.

i ended up eating grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce and kerang rebus only.because these two menu have made my small tummy full and i can barely breathe.haha

D.U uptown is one of our favourite spots for dinner.
they have lots and loads of choices of foods.
you name it,you get it.

as always,
night ride always comes after a dinner. *wink*
and as always,
i enjoy the ride so much.

semakin demdem,