March 12, 2010



dear lostpinkdiary,

i am safely arrived at Pangkor Island.
unlike sah halam, it’s cold here for it has been raining since 5pm.

i think i like being here.
will update you always. i promise.
gotta go. need to fill my tummy.

~signing off~

holidays lover,

The Law of F.A.R.A : V.Hanne

it has been long since the last entry..

what to write?
what to write?
what to write? the title.

start writing.
start writing.
start writing.

first of all,

  1. Don’t invite me for 3some. I don’t do 3some. (why this is the 1st thing I listed?) =.=’

  2. Do take your time. I like long foreplay. (why this is the 2nd thing I listed?) =.=’

  3. Don’t be too hardcore. I only get wild once in a blue moon. (why this is the 3rd thing I listed?) =.=’

  4. Do switch off the light. I love to take it nice and slow. (again? I’m not horny, ain’t i?) O.O

  5. Okay. this I need not tell…
    I shouldn’t tell…
    I MUST NOT tell…
    It’s for you to discover. LOL

  6. Don’t be shy. Because I am one. If both of us are shy, then who’s gonna start the move?

  7. Don’t be afraid. Because I won’t bite. I promise you.

  8. Don’t forget to ask for my phone number. Because I am not going to ask for yours.

  9. Don’t take too long because I don’t like waiting.

  10. What am I trying to convey here?
    Ways how to tackle NFHMS? =.=’

    Pardon the title. I just feel like writing.
    I want to write whatever comes to my mind now. And this is it. This is what I have in mind.
    So, don’t laugh.

  11. Be straight forward. Before I get you wrong.

  12. Feel free to hug and kiss me. I love to be hugged. I love to be kissed.

  13. Do sweet-talking me. I don’t mind. I love seeing pigs fly. LOL

  14. Seize the opportunity. So, please ask for more. ;p

hmm…it seems this entry is for the eyes of the men.

No! No! No!
This is not a self-promoting entry.

It is just an entry.
An entry that is not worth reading…

Ignore this post.
Because if you don't, I might end up blushing in front of you…ngee~

yang pemalu,