June 24, 2011

loving myself,

since everyone went back to their home sweet home,
i decided to went out.alone...

so, i wandered around at shopping mall.alone..
there's a crazy sales going on at CP
but truth be told, nothing's interesting to me.

i bought some 'women stuff' that i really need at this moment.
i feel relieved because without it, my days will be disasters!

i stepped into the small spa,alone..
and got myself a nice manicure treatment. (:

and i love it!

i treated myself a grande of java chip
and read magazines at starbuck.alone..

and now,
as i'm writing this entry,
i'm still alone in this lonely room.

i think i enjoyed my outing today. hee~
by the way,
mak & abah will be here tomorrow.can't wait!

signing off,

bila weekend tiba...

arini i sorang je kat bilik.
my roommates semua balik rumah masing-masing.
so, i sunyi. )':

all my friends balik rumah.
phye pun balik rumah.
fanzi pun busy je.artis la katakan. haha

now baru 1.40pm.
i tak tau nak buat apa la. *sigh*