November 28, 2009

our paradise.our world.


i was so delighted.
being in this paradise has never made me disappointed.
this addiction is a beautiful pain. i have always craved for more and more even if i know, it might kill me someday.
(it already did somehow)

but i don’t care. i live in it and would die in it.

the monster is in green today. he hopped in the car with his un-set hair, it was messy like edward cullen’s hair.

hey sexy. i mean, Edward Cullen (literally).
the shirtless Edward Cullen is my favourite scene. SEXY!

okay. my monster was like ogling me from his seat.
all i did was grinned. ngee~

another blank page had been doodled pleasantly.
full of colourful paints , a perfect tint.
flourished by the sunshine upon it.

it is a paradise. a beautiful one. a hard-to-resist type.
it is wonderful. it is dazzling.
always have and forever will.

monster's princess,