February 26, 2010

tingtong 9 pagi

morning people..
rise and shine.

i know.
it's early to wake up at 8.30am on a holiday.
but seeming that my biological clock has been perfectly disturbed since few weeks ago due to lots and loads night outings, my sleep is no longer 8hours exactly per day and my bedtime is no more at 10pm everynight.

having this changes makes me so passive during daytime.seriously... =.='

okay.this is not my point for writing this entry.
but i don't know what write.but i want to write.
but not about my biological clock...hmmm...

i am currently listening to Menyesal by Ressa Herlambang.
a simple song with touching melodies.
a sad song with a short lyric.
an unfamiliar song with a beautiful voice.

click 'play' and listen.

thinking still.
for a topic to write.
have some in minds,
but still looking for something else.

i slept late and i woke up early.
i slept earlier and i still wake up early.
the day before yesterday,
i slept late and i woke up late.
two days before yesterday,
i slept earlier and i woke up late too.
last week,
i slept late and i can't sleep.