January 26, 2014

the first gift for the baby, with love. (:

today my husband went to a baby expo at mid valley. how i wish i could go together. but distance, or particularly my work is such a bitch. our goal was to get a stroller for my little bun.

many said that it is not really necessary to buy one. but some did encourage us to get one. and we think, we absolutely need one because we love going out. at first, we're confused in allocating how much should we spend for a stroller.

after doing some surveys, there were a few that caught our eyes. both of us were indirectly showed that we are actually very much emphasised on the design. malu-malu lagi lah. konon nak try to accommodate each other's feeling. we opt for a slim and easy to operate stroller.

combi offered us a good deal at the expo. husband kept sending me a few models on sale. however, the handle of the stroller turns we off. we like the idea of reversible handle but my husband thinks that it is not necessary for he wants our kid to 'see' the world. so, we put combi in kiv list.

maclaren techno xt has all the features that we looked for. but the price can't go any lower as they came out with a new design, claimed the promoter. i like the wheels. i like how macho it looks. i like the idea of having suspensions to resist a bumpy ride. i would like to sleep with it for a night if it is a human being.

being a brand-concious, husband is more of a fan of peg-perego because it is made in italy. he introduced this brand to me. the first model that i saw is a pliko mini. i think i fell in love with it. i've been eyeing this handsome stroller since then. i googled. i watched the videos. i read the reviews. but the price is more expensive than maclaren. but...i like how neat it looks when it is folded. how handy it is. how sleek it is. how light it is. it offers so many fabric designs as well.

and surprisingly today, husband got a good deal too at the expo. do you know how thrill i was?

and so, he got the catch. it was a peg-perego pliko mini neon. love at the first sight can never be wrong. *wink* i have no regret spending for this stroller. i hope my little bun will fall in love with it too.

a happy mommy-to-be,