April 14, 2011

a breath of relief

fffinaly, today i have done with my presentations and microteaching (after being postponed for several times and it was really suck waiting for everything to finish later that you're expected).

microteaching was okay.
nothing interesting because i did the post-writing stage, which is evaluation stage. SHE doesn't want any application kind of activities and that's so lame...

it has been seriously a long day.
when class started at 8.30 in the morning and ended at 9pm.
although there was quite a big gap between morning and evening class, it was still a torture.to wear the same baju kurung until 9pm.

in my previous-previous entry,
i did mention that sem 6 is really a torture.
as yes, it is indeed.like hell.


i've learned something new,
that it was really a heartbreaking when your bestfriend hurt you for the very first time.it was very much painful if it was to be compared when your loved one hurt you.

sometimes, it's not the action that hurts us most.
but most of the time, it's the words and the way the words being spoken.
that it is like a dagger strikes right through your heart and rips your heart out.

but what else could beat the meter of the value of friendship?

we're cool by now.i love you, bestfriend/s. (: *hugs*

si penyayang, ;p