July 30, 2012

Just A Little.

As it getting damp down here,
A round shape stain spotted down there.

July 29, 2012

whoever she is, i'd say she's COOL.

i read a blog.
couldn't agree more with what J said.

it's a pure genius.

i am amazed with the way she put her thoughts into words and twists and arranges them into a genius entry.
i think i fell in love.

July 19, 2012

I Am Not A Gambler

to go wild or to sit in a dark corner alone.
to let it out or to keep it hush.
to dissappear or to endure.

to follow the heart or to listen to the head.
to be selfish or not.
to play safe or to play hard.

indecisive, still.
for every decision i make, i am scared of the consequences.
whether it will turn out better or become worse than you could imagine.

i am not a gambler.
and that makes you feel,
you're on the safe side. aren't you?


these tears.
only shed
ignorance takes place.

for once,
you have never made it up to me.
not even in subtle ways.

July 16, 2012


The key word in life is MODERATE.

If you want to be happy, be moderate.
for shit happens when you least expected.

If you want to cry, be moderate.
because crying suffocates you. excessive cry may kill you, you wouldn't know.

If you want to shower your love, be moderate.
because there is saying 'the more you love, the easier you get hurt'.

If you want to be kind, be moderate.
just so you know, out there, there people who like to take advantages on others.

If you want to be mean, be moderate.
before it trains you to be meaner and hurt more people.

If you want to spend your money, be moderate.
for you don't have any idea what it is like to be pennyless.

If you want to talk bad about others, be moderate.
before others do the same thing to you or worse and ruin your life forever.

If you want to eat, be moderate.
starvation is still out there. okay this sounds sad. mm, you might get indigestion.


excessive brings you more harm than good. remember that.

yours truly,

July 1, 2012

what so good about holiday..?

my feet. they were numb the moment i opened my eyes today. the room was still dark yet i heard a rooster yelled, giving everyone a wake up call. oh, it's morning already.
dizziness surrounded my heavy head. i looked into the mirror. my eyes swollen and my face was puffy. i look terrible.
i sighed and wondered, "what day is today?"

it is all same, old same. nothing much. i'm surrounded with boredom and loneliness. i'm still jobless, pennyless, and ugleh.

Silly Symphony

i have always wanted to learn and master at least one music instrument but i failed in doing so. i never seize the oppurtunities that i had. and now, i regret. pathetic.

i'm currently composing a song for him, so i laughed at myself. with almost nil knowledge about music, what the hell am i doing now? i hummed the melody and i always ended up humming familiar melodies. it went on and on and out of nowhere, the lyrics of the songs simply came out from my mouth.

i'm not creative or talented. at the age of 24, i'm still digging what i am amazingly good at. and that...
that made me way more pathetic. like a suffocating fish.