January 22, 2014

of life & death

i was admitted to the hospital last couple of days because i was suspected to be having an appendicitis.

it was all started with a severe stomachache. i can't even move or my tummy can;t even be touched. i threw up terribly, twice. i slept with my mom that night so that it will be easier for her to monitor me.

when i went to the clinic, the doctor came out with 3 assumptions which all were extremely sad to be heard. at that time, all i could think is the baby. i shed tears a few times thinking of the baby and how much i yearn for my husband to be around me. a long needle went in and out of my vein to stop the pain. but nothing worked. so i was referred to the hospital.

the journey in the ambulance was a nightmare. it bounced like hell and it hurts my tummy like hell too. i was sent to the gynae first to check up my baby. and there she/he was. alhamdulillah...my baby is healthy. i clearly heard the baby's heartbeat and saw the heart beats.

after a night at the hospital, the pain went away. i was so eager to go home but the doctor asked me to stay for another night.

alhamdulillah. i was discharged on the next day. husband fetched me and he gave me a big hug and planted a kiss on my forehead.

i feel lucky because nothing is serious and i hope i will stay healthy.
but i lost my monthly checkup card and it is somehow made me feel a little pissed off.

feeling grateful,