April 2, 2010

..panda eyes..

hell week is on screen.

it is 5:49 am.

i am here,
sitting and typing this journal with panda eyes
and a can of alicafe. ;p

aches and ouchies are everywhere.
waist.neck.shoulder. name it!

test after test.
assignment after another.
i myself got confused with them. @.@

  • PTE replacement test 2 : checked

  • Meetings test 2 : checked

  • Korean Speaking, Listening, Writing test : postponed

  • PTE submission of test construction : checked

  • MTLS Microteaching : today, 70% ready.

i have 15 minutes of microteaching, today.
mathematically, my turn takes place at 12.00 pm.


my microteaching materials

my room is a mess.
it is a beautiful mess.
nah..i'm lying.
it is a total massive mess. =.='

si tak suke sepah-sepah,