May 8, 2010

homesick as it has always been.

it ended.
i hate examination...

here comes the holidays.
i would like to embrace it.

mummy and daddy are in puchong now.
call after call,
text after another.
i spent some time with them today.
i realized how much i missed them..

i saw mummy smiled.
i saw daddy's eyes shined.
a whole lot of bucket of questions had been thrown at me.
this and that. that and this.
some i answered.
some i lied.
some i ignored.

we went out and looked for things that mummy wants.
we had simple dinner and daddy decided the menu.

i saw mummy got confused.
i saw daddy argued.
i saw mummy laugh.
daddy talked.mummy talked.
i wished i had more than a pair of ear.

tomorrow i have a job to do.

i saw mummy made face.
i saw daddy looked out through the window.
i saw mummy frustration.
mummy started to grumble,
but daddy is a cool man.

mummy's phone rang.
i got the phone for her.
and i saw her wallpaper,
it was my photo, showing my teeth.

she must have been missing me like hell.

it touched me.
i miss you, too.

will be back soon,