April 8, 2011

part 6 is a torture.

another week to go.
and i just can't wait to end this semester.
despite the fact that i have one paper for the final exam on the end of april,
i just want to stop rushing for classes in the morning.

speaking of classes,
i hate replacing classes.seriously.
with tons of assignments and other commitments,
i found replacing classes as a disturbance.
worst if it was an unplanned one.like you already planned what you're going to do at noon, suddenly in the morning you're told a replacement class is on that afternoon. =.='

we're done with a few course like Asian Literature, Methodology in Teaching Literature, and Second Language Acquisition. Though, we still have to come to class just to discuss a few things before this semester over.oh, except Asian Literature.we don't need to go to the class anymore yet there are still 3 assignments of the course need to be sent before our final paper.

that's for asian literature, and i'm not going to write about other KIV assessments for other subjects.thinking about them makes me tired,what more to talk about them.

si mengah,