February 24, 2010

that's him.

It’s 3:28 in the morning.

I fall in love with Gong Chan a.k.a Lee Dong Wook once again for I just watched a Korean series – ‘My Girl’ for the lost-count-th time. Okay, my point is I like him. In and out, head to toe; that type, yes. *head turns*

A type like Choi Siwon [Super Junior] owned. Just like Denis Oh [Sweet Spy]. The same goes for Josh Duhamel [Las Vegas]. Oh, not forgetting, Jonathan Rye Meyers [August Rush] too. A little of Robert Pattison’s [Twilight], maybe. Hey, Ryan Reynolds is not that bad!- i prefer calling him Andrew Paxton. ngee~

Fuck who they are in real life, the attitude, the quality, the personality, they displayed on the screen is what made me so into them. I think about each of them in a different particular time. I daydream being with each of them at a different place, in a different room and on a different bed. I fall for them every single time I see them. Says, what I saw is not them – the real ones.

Anyway, who cares? THEM; is what I like and that’s all that mattered.


si perasan,

lee dong wook

choi siwon

dennis oh

duncan james.josh duhamel.jerry yen