October 10, 2010

turning 22.oh! thanks, anyway.

i feel like writing.

i know i should have posted this earlier.
maybe 2 months ago.but time has been so envious.
plus, no words could ever describe exactly about what i am going to write.

it is about a candle-blowing scene.
which i will not forget.never.

thinking about the hardship,
i didn't expect anything on my 22nd birthday.
i lied.i did expect something.long before the date.
maybe about 3-4 months before.

time acted like a refreshing substance.
it was like after a long hangover, i came to conscious state of mind.
i realized,i shouldn't expect anything.
'there's always next time.' i whispered.

a day before the day was like any other day.
same thing.same routine.
i didn't sense anything.until the eve of my day.

i went out before the eve,
did some sport thingy which i always do on weekly basis.
similar to any other sporting night,
i normally go for a drink to freshen up after finished playing.

the fans suddenly stop spinning.
the lights suddenly went off.
i thought the restaurant is closing.
why didn't they inform? i was a little panic.

a dim light coming from my left sight.
a row of candles were heading to where i sat.
i heard people sang a song.a familiar one.

i was speechless.i suddenly felt shy.
that i leaned over a shoulder beside me and covered my face behind it.
there they were.
holding a cake with burning candles, showing their teeths.

oh my god.
i smell bad you know.
oh,c'mon.after 2hours of sheding sweat?

a kiss dropped on my right cheek.
'happy birthday'.
i felt like crying.crying of happy tears.
touched tears.contented tears.name it.

as always,
it was brief.
yet meaningful enough.

under that circumstances,
you should just wait till next year.
don't get me wrong,it was lovely.
but really, you didn't have to do it.

i like the idea of receiving flower.
even though the fact that the surprise was flower-less.

i couldn't express how i appreciate what happened on july 27, 2010.
but all i can say is

fruit heaven