March 3, 2011

a fact - based on true events

it's funny how annoying a person can be.
they are undeniably born stupid. they are still lingering with things that are completely over. education qualification is merely a scroll. nothing more.
these people are very selfish. pretend like they care about others. as if! they are very manipulative in twisting lines, demand people to consider their pathetic conditions, and act like a big winner at the end of the game.
they hunger for attention. parading the god of the devil with angel's mask on their faces. they seek publicity in disgusting manners which is indescribable by words. only they know how to perform actions as such.
they trouble people a lot. create messes and let others pay. some parts are lacking in them which deny the qualities of human beings. they are monsters. they don't have sense of guilt and shame.

i don't mind people do bad things
as long as it doesn't cost others.

bad things mean it's only between you and yourself, or maybe God.
don't chain messes and let others involve.

find better things to do that can benefit you.

the one who doesn't appreciate people as described above,