May 1, 2014

shopping baby's clothing

I have bought pretty much all the basic items needed for the baby. I become so excited just looking at the baby's stuffs in the store. Which mom doesn't? Baby's stuffs are too cute too be true. I can spend hours in the baby store, looking, analyzing, picking, and choosing the best items for my baby.

My favourite baby store is of course, Mothercare. They offers a wide range of choices especially in clothing. I bought most of the baby's clothes there. Rompers, sleep suits, socks, mittens, towels, muslins, you name it. Even my husband likes it too. Maybe I am prone to Mothercare because of its design. Apart from looking too cute, the material is the best too!

H&M baby also looks exclusive in my eyes. I got several pairs of long sleeves rompers at a real cheap price. When I went to Sunway Pyramid last April, my sister went crazy shopping clothes for her newborn as well. We didn't even snap a single picture because we were just too busy shopping!

In terms of breastfeeding, I haven't bought anything yet. I have done some research, read reviews on the internet, and ask from the experienced friends. Maybe I'll get them all by this month. In Shaa Allah...

I can't wait to go for more shopping. Dear holiday, please come fast!